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Social Media & Marketing Services

Nerdy Girls Collective will be your one-stop shop for all your social media and marketing needs! Do you need reels/graphics? Do you need promotional blasts? Do you need access to influencers? Would you like promotional boxes or book boxes made without all the hassle of doing it yourself? How about some FREE publicity by being a featured author in our book club? We got you covered!

Social Media/Graphics Services

  • Social Media Graphics/Reels Service: We will work with you to create static images and/or reels for your social media pages! Posting is NOT included in this pricing. Price is for the graphics only.

    • Static Images: 1/$8, 5/$30 or 10/$50

    • Reels: 1/$10, 5/$45 or 10/$75

    • Tasty Tuesday or Thirsty Thursday Feature: Check out our Nerdy Girls Kitchen for pricing and information

    • Foodie Book Reel: For pricing or additional information on Foodie Reels, please contact Chef Havok at:

  • One Promotional Social Media Blast (Release Day Blast, Blurb Reveal, Cover Reveal, etc.) $25:

    • Cost includes Static Image or Reel as well as posting on NGC IG/Facebook Account

  • Social Media Influencer Collaboration: We have a list of social media influencers we work to keep updated. We can connect you with influencers who meet your needs for you to arrange your own services OR we can act as your liaison and handle communications between you and the influencer(s).

Nerdy Girls Collective ARC Team

Need access to more readers for an upcoming release and don't want the hassle of managing it yourself? We have access to over 500 readers for our ARC Team that we can help source additional readers for you! If interested, email us at:

  • All ARC Readers sign a boilerplate NDA

  • NGC will follow-up with readers to ensure their reviews are posted in a timely manner

  • ARC Readers are provided release day blasts and encouraged to make a release day post on their social media

  • Price: $50-$200 depending on number of readers provided and reviews completed. You are billed AFTER reviews are in from the team

    • 10-25 reviews = $50
      26-50 reviews = $75
      51-75 reviews = $100
      76-100 reviews = $150
      101-125 reviews = $175
      Over 125 reviews = $200


PR Boxes & Book Boxes

Have you been thinking of putting together a book box, but didn’t want to go through the hassle of sourcing items and shipping the boxes yourself? Let us take the stress off your plate instead!

  • Book Box prices vary based on quantity and what all you would like included in your boxes. 

  • We are based in the U.S therefore it is best we ship to the U.S and Canada. We are open to ship internationally if that is the author’s preference, but shipping costs are substantial at this time.

  • We have access to a U.S based printer who is able to print paperback and hardback books with foiling capabilities ​

Recent PR Box made for Brooklyn Cross pictured below!

What Our Clients Say

Coffee and Laptop in Bed

Briana Michaels

The NGC team has been incredible to work with. They’re supportive, creative, organized, and offer so many options to market and promote books. I’ve been so happy with the results each time I’ve worked with them— both with new releases and older ones that needed a little push. From the tailored recipes, Tik Toks, book clubs, sticker packs, and Facebook lives, they go all out for authors and I can’t wait to use NGC again with my next release.
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