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Nerdy Girls Collective

Who Are We?

Nerdy Girls Collective is a Found Family of book loving nerds who stumbled upon their passion for promoting indie authors and elevating the reader's experience. We are a woman owned and operated business, based in the United States! We are proud to collaborate with other members of the book community to form lifelong connections and look for opportunities to support local small businesses instead of outsourcing wherever possible. We want to empower other small business owners to chase their dreams and become successful! We provide marketing and PA services to indie authors, operate the Nerdy Girls Book Club as well as the Nerdy Girls Kitchen. We love connecting with book friends so don’t be shy and reach out!


We go beyond standard services and have challenged ourselves to become a one-stop shop for indie authors to get support. Our vision has always been to support indie authors and help them to get exposure for their incredible works as we know the struggle it is for authors to feel seen or like their words matter. We want you to know: Your Words MATTER.

We work hard to pursue our own individual passions and infuse our creative energy into this business which is why you see a vast array of services. Kymberlie has found a unique way to blend her love of food and reading to create an immersive experience for readers as well as a unique marketing opportunity for authors! Amy has a gift for numbers and patterns which she puts to use with editing, proofreading and analyzing changes in the social media marketing space and is truly a rockstar in supporting our authors as a Jack of All Trades with her vast experience! Amanda has a love of hearth and home and it shows in her ability to create opportunities for individuals in the book community to meet and feel connected, supported and heard. From our Book Club to our Discord, she never stops looking for ways to connect with and inspire others! You will also find her creativity flows the best when reading through a book an pulling inspiration for designs while talking to her book besties!

As avid readers, we know how important it is to connect with other readers and make book friends and wanted to deliver a top notch book club experience. We want a place where we can all discover and explore books together and feel safe and supported along the way! We strive to feature authors with different writing styles, experience, and underlying tropes so the book club feels fresh each month! We also want to be inclusive no matter what your reading preferences are: eBooks, audiobooks or physical books and really shine a light on including audiobooks in our book club subscription offerings.

We are huge supporters of the Human Voices Only movement and know how much of a struggle it can be for authors to have their books brought to life via audio. As such, we started the NGC Audiobook Sponsorship program where we will fund the production of one audiobook each year for an indie author! Applications are open for future years as we already selected NV Roez and her book Return for 2024. If you are interested in applying, please fill out this application:

Please take some time to navigate our website and see all the services we have to offer as well as ways to connect with us! You can find our social links below as we have a present on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok and Discord! 

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Indie & Ink: An Indie Author & Reader Community

Nerdy Girls Book Club: A FREE book club supporting Indie Authors

Nerdy Girls Collective Discord

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