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When a Foodie Fell in Love...

This is a story about a foodie who fell in love with BOOKS! Memories and moments are brought to the forefront of our minds when triggered by something as little as taste, smell and most commonly, sight. Remember the scene in Ratatouille when Ego the food critic comes in and sneers at the plate of ratatouille placed in front of him? He called it a "lowly peasants food" but then he smells it, and then tastes it, and it brings forth the memory of his childhood when he crashed his bike and scrapped his knee. His mama had then made him ratatouille to make him feel better. That beautiful memory was enough for this critic to change his mind about the "lowly peasant food". 

THAT is what food does for me. When a food or drink is mentioned in a book I am reading, I love to jot it down and pour my creative spirit into making a drink or a dish in remembrance of the book! It may not be that same day, but when I finally make that recipe and enjoy it with my loved ones, I am immediately flooded with fond memories of what I loved about the book. What made that book truly special! Now I want to share that with YOU dear readers!

Let us eat, drink (responsibly) and remember the moments of our favorite stories. Reminding us how amazing that book is!

Yours Truly,

                       Chef Havok

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Are You an Author?

Authors! Did you know you can partner with me to be featured on our socials for Tasty Tuesday, Thirsty Thursday or Foodie Friday? Not only that, but I can work with you to design recipe and/or drink cards to bring your book to life! These make wonderful additions to swag bags, book boxes or little extra goodies for your readers to pass out during signings! Email me at: and let's chat!

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