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Last Call for the December Book Box!

December we will be featuring Lee Jacquot and her novella Christmas on the Thirteenth Floor! We also may have some extra surprises in store for you because it's Christmas after all!

Check out the featured book here: Christmas on the Thirteenth Floor (A Holinight Novella)

As a reminder our monthly book boxes include:

  1. SIGNED Book (Limited and/Special Editions when able)

  2. Custom Bookmark and/or Art Print (we may even have more than one some months!)

  3. One Printed Recipe Card (themed from the book)

  4. 5 stickers & 1 magnet (themed from the book)

  5. Book Review Journal/Tracker (once yearly)

  6. Annotation Supplies (quarterly) includes a highlighter, gel pen and sticky tabs

  7. Digital Rewards: Menu & Recipe Cards themed from the book, Q&A with featured author (these are live Zoom calls when the author is available), access to a subscriber only forum with exclusive content (content varies and frequency varies based on author participation)

Our book boxes are hand packed by our beloved Kymberlie and she does an amazing job making these look gorgeous for you! Leftover book boxes are always listed in our shop, but there is no way to guarantee we will have leftovers. Additionally, you save money when pre-purchasing!

We leave you with images from our prior book boxes to enjoy!

-Amanda, Amy, Kymberlie & Trish

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