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Welcome Book Lovers!

Ahem... "Is this thing on?!"

Hello everyone! One of your fearful... I mean, FEARLESS leaders here!

Chuckles... I've got jokes today!

We have had a large influx of members to our site recently and felt a little introduction would be nice for everyone <3

Nerdy Girls Collective is a new company we formed JUST last year (March 2023 to be more precise). Four of us book loving nerds (Amanda, Amy, Kymberlie & Trish) met in a Facebook Group and developed a fast friendship. We loved to read books from indie authors and met probably one of the sweetest, most amazing humans, Briana Michaels. (If you don't know who she is, click right here and find out!!!!) Now the four of us LOVE smut. Like... Sorry hubby, but these book boyfriends just KNOW how we like it. Take notes and reap the rewards!!!

Cackles... I really hope my husband actually doesn't read this... Oh well...

Moving on! We loved her book Glitch so much and were surprised so few people had no clue it even existed. That is unfortunately the case with so many talented indie authors. We decided we wanted to spread the word and really show people how amazing that book is! Hence our very first Group Read event we ever hosted took place in the Wanting Webley Facebook Group. We all had a BLAST. Met so many cool book pals and just enjoyed talking about a book we all loved. Afterwards, Briana encouraged us to think about building a business that revolves around supporting indie authors, and so we did!

Now... I won't lie. This is NOT easy. For anyone who has built their own business from scratch, you know, it takes blood, sweat, and tears. Though along this journey we would connect with amazing readers, meet with authors we never dreamed of working with, and be presented with opportunities that were so astounding for such a new business we just KNEW it was fate, or Kismet as we like to call it <3

It still isn't all sunshine and rainbows though. We have learned some hard lessons, made sacrifices that don't seem worth it reflecting back, and had to do a lot of growing... But we are here. We are still doing what we do because this is our passion. It lights a fire in our souls knowing we have brought a reader to a book that truly changed their life and would have maybe never found without us. It brings tears to our eyes getting messages from our contractors thanking us for providing them the opportunity to make money so they can put food on their table or keep their lights on. It gives us immeasurable joy when our authors start to see success in reaching out and connecting to more readers with our assistance, furthering their own dreams of being a successful author.

This got pretty long winded! All this to say... We appreciate the heck out of each and every one of you. Take the time to cruise around our website because we have lots of cool pages featuring varying opportunities and aspects of what we do here! (Nerdy Girls Kitchen, Book Club, ARC Team, RTD Book Boxes, Bookish Shop, and more!!!)

In the coming weeks (or months) we plan to make some website updates to just streamline a few things. However, we are SUPER happy with this platform overall! In case you didn't know, you can comment on blog posts and forum posts and connect with other site members! You can even invite them to chat so we do hope you end up making some friends along the way.

Anywhooo, I shall say goodbye for now! We will try and keep to doing some periodic blog posts so you can get to know us owners (Amanda, Amy & Kymberlie) a little better.

Stay Nerdy & Read On,

xoxo Amanda

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