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Monday Affirmation 9/11

As I sat down to start writing this post today, I realized, I can't. Not today. Even though the card I pulled was fitting.... about not hanging onto bad things and letting go of grudges, I realized that today... is so much more.

Today is one of those days when anyone around the globe can tell you exactly where they were 22 years ago. In the grand scheme of time, it is but a blip, but to anyone old enough to remember, it was a profound, life-changing moment.

I was home sick from school, my senior year. I woke to the story of a tragic accident; a plane crash in NYC. I stood in my living room perplexed over how it could have happened when I watched a second plane crash into the second tower. The moment it came into view on the side of the TV, I knew. I crumpled onto the floor and didn't move for hours as I watched the horror unfold. At 17 years old, it felt like watching the world end.

Everything stopped.

So today we stop again. We take time to once again mourn... to remember... to honor...

So there is no affirmation for today. No words of wisdom to impart. Just a moment to pause; to reflect. To stop.

And tomorrow, we start again.

With all my love,

Mama Kat

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2 commentaires

I was at work. When we heard we ran upstairs to the tv that we have in our workout room. We took turns watching all day. We were in shock. I will never forget how I felt that day. I had to stop at the grocery store on the way home to get something for dinner. I remember the way everyone there looked at each other as we passed. Silent but knowing that we all, in that moment, felt exactly the same.


Oddly enough, I was also at home sick on this day, but only as a Freshman in High School. I'll always remember watching the news that entire day through a feverish blur. Thank you for the kind words and support of this day.

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