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Humility Group Read

We LOVE our Group Read (read along) events! It is a chance for us to support indie authors in a unique and fun way, all while bringing you readers some exciting new books to try! These events have a discussion post and live author chat (when able), interactive posts, fun games and most important... PRIZES!

Join our Group Read for Humility which can be found as an event in the following Facebook Groups:

Reverse Harem Addicts Anonymous Plus (RHAA+)

CrossRhodes - A Brooklyn Cross Reader Group

Reverse Harem Book Club

About the Book

He already took everything from me, but now he's back and won't take no for an answer.


In a tale as old as time, a mafia princess fell in love with the wrong boy, or in my case, boys. I am Jasmine Isabella Falcone, and I grew up knowing that I needed to be on my guard from the snakes around me. But, even knowing that, I still fell in love with Angelo Esposito and Dario Lombardi.

Crushed and humiliated, I try to move on, but some ghosts are harder to shake. Now, at twenty-three, I am being forced into an arranged marriage where I’ll be expected to fulfill my duties as a wife and mother. But I dream of building something different and crave freedom from the shackles of the patriarchy. So I do the only thing I can and run. On my own for the first time on a picturesque country property nestled between Sinhaven and Beastville, I try to rebuild my life.

But fate proved that just because you run from your past doesn’t mean it won’t catch up to you.

The fairytales have it wrong. Not every story ends with a knight in shining armor.

Humility: Aladdin a Dark Contemporary Retelling (Virtues Fairytales Book 1)

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